Nikon’s first-ever SLR camera is back in form of a Nanoblock kit

Nikon Nanoblock Version SLR Camera

Do you like Nanoblocks game, which is identical to LEGO? Then, you may be interested in the nanoblocks version of the Nikon’s first-ever SLR camera. The camera giant has recently partnered with Nanoblock maker Kawada to launch the toy kit, featuring the Nikon F film camera that the company released way back in 1959.

The Nikon F nanoblock kit allows the users to build their own plastic version of the old-school SLR camera. Although using gray and black plastic blocks you won’t be able to form a fully-functional gadget, but it’ll surely bring out your inner child. While creating this plastic photographic equipment, you can imagine yourself as a real-like camera maker.

Nikon Nanoblock Version SLR Camera

Original Nikon F SLR camera

Nikon’s building blocks kit includes nearly thousand bricks to build replica of the company’s very first camera. Moreover, step-by-step instructions will be available to construct it from the scratch. However you might face little problem while reading instructions, as these are available only in Japanese.

Nikon Nanoblock Version SLR Camera

With that you may have guessed, the nanoblock kit is selling only in Japan for approximately US $33. Soon you could find it on eBay and other online retailing sites for shipping in other countries as well. So geeks, if you really want to relive your childhood once again- do purchase this playful kit. But after completion, don’t forget to pretend clicking pictures. Say Cheese!

Nikon Nanoblock Version SLR Camera

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