Too drunk to drive? ePint smart beer mug can call you a cab

ePint smart beer mug

Do you drink beer like a fish at parties? So much that often someone else has to drop you back home? Well, we agree that it’s not possible to count your drinks when you are out with friends. So forget the calculations and leave all your mind work on the ePint smart beer mug. This beer mug literally has a mind, as it’s equipped with a smart technology that tracks your drinks and even calls you a cab if you’re too drunk to drive.

Made from a durable polycarbonate material, the glowing smart mug is able to sync to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth or mobile app, letting the user know how much drinks have been poured into the cup. It has a built-in weight sensor that can determine the amount of liquid your mug is holding and also tell how much you’ve consumed.

ePint smart beer mug

In case you had too many drinks and are not in a condition to drive back home, the smartphone app will automatically suggest to call for a cab ride. With simple press of a button on your smartphone, a taxi will be at your current location to take you home.

Apart from tracking your beer in-take, the smart mug even cheers for your favorite team by automatically glowing in your team’s colors every single time they score. Isn’t that great? To kickoff this coolest feature, you need to set which teams you cheer for and integrated sensors in the mug will light up to support your team.

Even multiple mugs can be synced together to be controlled from one device. This intelligent beer mug knows really well how to add excitement to your parties or when you’re watching a game with your friends. Can’t wait to get your hands on this flashy mug? Sadly, it’s not available for purchase yet.

It’s creators have recently launched a campaign on Kickstarter to meet its $50,000 funding goal. A pledge of $30 will help you lock down one ePint smart mug, which will retail for $59.99 once the campaign gets over after 41 days. Moreover, the creators expect to begin its shipping sometime in April 2016.

ePint smart beer mug

Via: Gizmag

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