Spooky Halloween crab all dressed up for the ghoulish party

Halloween crab

It’s getting really close to haunt you. We’re talking about Halloween. It’s the spookiest time of the year when haunted attractions, treat-o-treating and people dressed in scary costumes are seen everywhere. But if you thought this holiday was only for bats and spiders, think again!

Today we’re going to introduce you to the colorful and attractive ‘Halloween crab’ that nature has permanently dressed up for Halloween. This Gecarcinus quadratus species also has other intersting nicknames such as Harlequin Land Crab, Moon Crab, Mexican land crab, and mouthless crab.

Halloween crab

Found throughout Central America and coastal Mexico, this crab is aptly named so because of its spooky-looking black body, orange legs and purple claws. All these body parts are naturally shaded in the colors of uncanny All Hallows’ Eve.

For those who love crustaceans, the Halloween crab can be a great pet in the honor of October 31st. Halloween or not, this cute little crab sports eerie mask and always ready for the spookiest party.

Just like the wonderful Halloween moon crab, there are few other fascinating crustaceans that would look perfect in your aquarium on the the upcoming Hallowmas and usual days as well. Have a look at the images.

Spooky-eyed vampire crab: Found in separate river valleys on the Indonesian island of Java, it boasts fascinating purple body.

Halloween crab

Vampire hunter crab: The vampire crab hunter are from Transylvania- home to the mythical Dracula. It has scary yellow eyes and red claws.

Halloween crab

Panther crab has spotted pattern on its body: This one-of-a-kind crustacean that appears like a fierce panther looking for its prey.

Halloween crab

Rainbow crab with colorful legs and claws: Found in Africa, this crab typically has a blueish/violet carapace, red-colored legs and whitish claws.

Halloween crab

Eye-catching red rock crab: It has brick-red coloration throughout the body and looks absolutely gorgeous.

Halloween crab

So, bring out inner demon to scare the hell out of trick-o-treaters with these creepy but gorgeous creatures. Have a frightful and fun Halloween this year.

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