The Shining Hotel plans to build its own horror museum

World's First Horror Museum

Halloween is just around the corner, so may be it’s the right time to disclose that Stanley Hotel of Estes Park, Colorado is planning to become the world’s first horror museum. If you remember the same hotel is Stephen King’s real-life inspiration for the iconic horror novel and film- ‘The Shining.’

After the popular horror novel, the 30,000 square-foot mansion is also known as the Shining Hotel. Being the backdrop for scary scenes, such as Grady twins’ in the corridor, from the novel, the building is certainly perfect to be transformed into a haunted public place.

World's First Horror Museum

The architectural plan of the horror museum

Currently, the hotel is seeking $11.5 million in Colorado tourism funding for the project, which is estimated to cost nearly $24 million. According to MOA Architecture’s plan, the project will be including 500-seat auditorium, a sound stage, a production space and few travel exhibits for the tourists.

People here can really feel virtual paranormal activities, walking dead passing by the corridors, etc. This means the building is horrifically going to transform horror into an art that’s quite unusual for a commercial space.

Overall, the hotel is planning offer frightening as well as interactive experiences to the visitors. Even few educational programs, tours and workshops by horror writers will also be conducted. It’ll truly be a whole new experience to the travelers from all over the world. If the project successfully gets approximated funding, then very soon you’d have the ideal destination for celebrating next All Hallows’ Eve in a uniquely frightful way.

World's First Horror Museum

The Stanley Hotel in Colorado

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