Honda unveils two futuristic concepts at 2015 Tokyo Motor Show

Honda Wander Stand concept car at 2015 Tokyo Motor Show

The 44th Tokyo Motor Show is underway these days at Tokyo Big Sight where automakers are showcasing their latest vehicles and concepts. Honda has also premiered two futuristic concepts at the event which are gaining lots of public attention. One is Wander Stand concept, a mobility device designed for two passengers and other is Honda Wander Walker concept, a four-wheeler that looks like a techno scooter.

Honda Wander Stand concept car dashboard

Standing 72.8 inches tall with 49.2 inches width and 78.4 inches length, the Honda Wander Stand concept comes with a compact frame that allows two passengers to fit inside the vehicle in a half-sit/half-stand position. The Japanese automaker wants it to be a self-driving car with controls such as car’s steering and navigation to be voice-based. The autonomous car features a huge control stick in the center while the dash is expected to come with touchscreen controls for media, maps and entertainment.

Honda Wander Stand concept car seats

Honda Wander Stand concept car rear view

Over 6 feet tall, the mobility device is designed to be in the same line of sight as pedestrians. Also, the Wander Stand concept has saloon doors which make it easy to step out of the vehicle. Currently in conceptual stages, the vehicle can become an ideal mode of transportation for crowded places and popular tourist sites.

Honda Wander Walker Concept Scooter at 2015 Tokyo Motor Show

Alongside Wander Stand concept car, Honda has also revealed the Wander Walker Concept at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show. The mobility scooter stands around three feet tall and is less than two feet wide. Touted to be an indoor and outdoor vehicle, it can be maneuvered in tight spaces such as shopping centers and train turnstiles. The concept scooter has a top speed of 3.7 miles per hour and comes with inward-swiveling airless tires that offer a turning radius of only one meter. Other features include Wi-Fi and a tablet mounted behind the handlebars that offer navigation system.

Honda Wander Walker Concept

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