Lamb of God Halloween ‘Redneck’ parody for metalheads [Video]

Lamb of God Halloween ‘Redneck’ parody

Happy Halloween Metalheads !!

Supposedly, the world of heavy metal and Halloween go hand in hand. That’s why headbangers are seen donning Slipknot mask, Pantera shirt and other metal music-inspired costumes on this horrific holiday. But Lamb of God has literally shown the world how to celebrate Halloween in heavy metal-style with the release of their new animated Halloween parody.

Lyricist and animator Joey Siler has put on his Halloween hat and created this animated parody, depicting Lamb of God’s love for Halloween. Being the crazy horror-enthusiasts, the band members can be seen in form of cartoon characters playing a spoofed version of their track “Redneck” in a cemetery surrounded by pumpkins.

Lamb of God Halloween ‘Redneck’ parody

In the video, you can see Randy Blythe’s lyrics change into a love story while he is carving jack o’lanterns. Furthermore, the guest appearances by Anthrax’s Ian Scott and the iconic Ozzy Osbourne are also part of the short video. Although the parody has been released days before Halloween, but today’s the perfect time when metalhead community can play the video during their spooky party.

It’s really fun to see your favorite heavy metal band in form of cartoon characters in this eerie Halloween ‘Redneck’ parody. Check out the video below.

Via: BlabberMouth

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