VRGO chair wirelessly takes you to the virtual reality world

VRGO Chair

2D gaming experiences are likely to phase out very soon, as advanced techniques to offer virtual reality entertainment have been coming up rapidly. However, the only problem with these hand-held controllers is that you’re bound with wires all around and your hands are tied up at a specific position while playing the game.

VRGO Chair

But there’s one startup that wants to provide you total hands-free and comfortable VR experience in form of a furniture piece, known as VGRO chair. Well, it is basically the most intuitive and user-friendly gaming controller that promises to take you to the virtual reality world at single push of a button.

VRGO Chair

It is tilting input device that gives the players a platform to sit on while making the VR experience more rich and exciting. Over a Bluetooth connection, the VRGO can easily sync with natural movements of the user’s body to any computer or smartphone running the VR program.

The furniture-shaped controller is so responsive that it leaves your hands free for other tasks in the game, like welding weapons. It even enables the users to unlock deeper levels of immersion by translating their movements in the real world to the virtual world, all in their own home. Furthermore, the device even eliminates the problem of disconnection in case the user is sitting still in reality.

VRGO Chair

The Kickstarter campaign for the VRGO chair will start tomorrow i.e. November 3. Team behind VRGO will be seeking funds for target amount of about £20,000 (approx. US $30,000). Limited number of early bird backers will be able to secure one of the first chairs for just £150 (approx. $230).

Via: Gizmag

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