Carvana’s car vending machine dispenses vehicle like a soda can

Carvana car vending machine

To be honest, purchasing a car is the most tedious and complicated task. No one likes to go through the complex procedure of filling out paperwork and squabble with retailers for a perfect deal. What if buying a car could be as simple as picking up a soda can from vending machine? Well, online auto retailer Carvana has actually made the proceeding quite convenient by launching their first car vending machine.

Located in Tennessee, the five-story glass vending machine features a series of robots and a stack of 20 cars. It is a coin-operated machine that brings your selected car to any one of the three delivery bays on ground level. Just like a conventional vending machine, you need to insert a shiny coin into this machine to activate a robotic arm that fetches you the selected car. This will kickstart the procedure for driving away your new ride in mere 20 minutes or less.

Cars dropping from the machine adds a fun element to the whole delivery procedure. To get a car out of the tower, the automated machine rotates the specific automobile in a helix until it reaches the ground floor at the delivery bay. Form that point, the customers can retrieve their all-new vehicle and drive off to their home.

Carvana car vending machine

According to the company more vending machines are on the way, and for now Carvana will be subsidizing $200 in airfare for transportation from the Nashville airport if you live outside of Tennessee. Customers can walk into the glass tower for selecting a car or simply buy it online, and finally go pickup your car from a set point.

Carvana car vending machine

Via: Engadget

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