Gold pyramid home in Illinois harnesses mysterious healing energy

Manmade gold pyramid home in Illinois

If you’re captivated with Ancient Egyptian lifestyle, then Pyramid-inspired residence is certainly perfect for you. Fascinated by such iconic pyramidal structures and Egyptian culture, husband-wife duo Jim and Linda Onan has built a striking gold-plated pyramid home for their family (including five children) in Wadsworth, Illinois.

Thinking what’s so unique about this triangular building? Well, the manmade structure has become popular for harnessing mysterious healing energy, just like ancient pyramids are supposed to do for mankind.

Manmade gold pyramid home in Illinois

In 1977, Onan has constructed six-story-tall gold pyramid home that spreads around 17,000-square-feet area. Located on an island and surrounded by a giant moat, the stunning house has various remarkable features including a massive 50-feet statue of King Tut, a metal palm tree and a four car garage that’s further topped by three smaller pyramids.

After completion of the 24-karat, gold-plated residence, Onan family noticed that spring water started entering the first floor right at center of the pyramid. To get water out of the house, they called experts to funnel it out of the pyramid home, forming water-filled channel around the building.

Manmade gold pyramid home in Illinois

People believe that the water is affected by the pyramid’s power and therefore has unique properties that are good for all living-beings. Many visitors come here to take the water that is considered to cure their illness due to its mysterious healing effect. However, it could just be the placebo effect i.e. mind over matter, or water is simply charged with some properties that have positive health value. Besides that, the family has also noticed that plants grow three times as fast in the pyramid than outside it.

Manmade gold pyramid home in Illinois

Presently, this golden pyramid house is a major tourist attraction. Special tours are offered to visit inside the pyramid and public areas of the home, allowing travelers to explore artifacts of the architecture and also see for themselves whether water has healing properties or not. Sounds interesting, right? Do visit this amazing place if you ever get a chance. For now, you can find out more about this enigmatic residence here.

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