Two-legged puppy on 3D printed wheelchair strolls effortlessly

Tumbles Two-legged puppy on 3D printed wheelchair

Terrier-beagle mix puppy Tumbles was born in early October without frontal legs. So, non-profit organization Friends of the Shelter Dogs (FOSD) in Athens rescued him when he was just two-week-old. All thanks to a volunteer’s Facebook post for adoption of this heart-melting young dog, a woman and her husband happily accepted him. But what the couple did next is truly admirable and completely changed the sheltered puppy’s life.

Tumbles Two-legged puppy on 3D printed wheelchair

With the help of Ohio University Innovation Center, the couple has managed create a miniature 3D-printer wheelchair for this adorable member of their family. It took about 14 hours to print the prototype, which has two wheels and a fabric support system fixed around the puppy’s back.

Due to the missing limbs, the little fur ball had to struggle for nursing on his own- as he was always pushed out by others and couldn’t complete for mother’s milk. That was the major reason he was bottle-fed by FOSD team to make him strong and healthy. But with the help of this 3D printed wheelchair he won’t be scooching on the floor any longer. Now, the six-week-old pup can walk and eat on his own without any assistance.

Tumbles Two-legged puppy on 3D printed wheelchair

Although the current prototype is a too big for him so can’t provide complete flexibility, but the newer version is under processing and will be smaller to fit his tiny body. The new version will be featuring Velcro bands, allowing Tumbles to move freely and even sleep like a normal puppy.

Tumbles Two-legged puppy on 3D printed wheelchair

Tumbles is too young and would be requiring new sets of wheelchair during his growing years. Luckily, the Innovation Center has pledged to provide him wheelchairs for the rest of his life. This means he will be living a happily normal life, just like any other canine. The initiatives by FOSD, the couple and Innovation Center have proven that world is still a better place, until such humble souls are existing.

Tumbles Two-legged puppy on 3D printed wheelchair

Via: BuzzFeed

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