Henan man builds 12-meter-tall Bumblebee from automotive cast offs

Henan man builds 12-meter-tall Bumblebee Transformer

One of the easiest way to get rid of car parts is by throwing them into junkyard, but transforming old automotive cast offs into robotic sculptures is a creative way to make use of trash. 42-year-old Li Futang from Zhengzhou, Henan Province is a machinery enthusiast, who makes money by creating massive Transformers out complete scrap. But this time, Li has created 12-meter tall and 22 ton replica of Bumblebee character from the sci-fi Transformers franchise.

Henan man builds 12-meter-tall Bumblebee Transformer

Li has always been a huge Transformers fan and originally started creating small autobot sculptures out of junk just for fun. Later, he realized there was a demand for such artworks. So, he turned his hobby into a career and created more than 100 robotic sculpture in 10 years.

Together with his coworkers, Li has now built another badass Transformer using components of scrapped cars. The team took almost five months for completion of this gigantic autobot that seems as if the real Bumblebee has come out of the sci-fi flick. Everything from its finely detailed structure to yellow body paint imitates the original character.

This not the first time we’ve seen a Transformer-shaped sculpture, back in 2012 we featured a life-sized Transformer by another Chinese man. That structure can walk and even convert into a fully-functional car. However, the latest 12-meter-tall Bumblebee is equipped with an intelligence system.

Henan man builds 12-meter-tall Bumblebee Transformer

The robotic structure even incorporates lighting, voice and music settings. Moreover, it can swivel its head a full 180-degrees and spray a cooling mist from its chest. The Bumblebee-themed robotic artwork is indeed worthy of accolades, as it is completely environmentally-friendly robot with no negative impact on surrounding atmosphere.

Henan man builds 12-meter-tall Bumblebee Transformer

Source: ChinaNews

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