After 6 years of trying, photographer Alan McFadyen captures perfect Kingfisher dive

Alan McFadyen captures perfect kingfisher dive

The life of photographers is not always glamorous and cool as it looks to the outside world. Especially for nature and wildlife photographers, capturing a perfect shot is not an easy task as sometimes they have to wait for hours to get the desired picture. Well, for Alan McFadyen, a devoted wildlife photographer it took almost 6 years to capture the perfect shot. The 46 year old spent 4,200 hours and 720,000 photos to capture the picture of a kingfisher doing a flawless dive into the water, without a single splash.

Alan McFadyen captures perfect kingfisher dive

The inspiration behind this dedication is his unforgettable visits to Kirkcudbright, Scotland along with his grandfather Robert Murray almost 40 years ago. Alan McFadyen, now a father of three kids used to watch kingfisher nesting spot at the beautiful lakeside location near Kirkcudbright in Dumfries and Galloway. Thus, when he took up photography in 2009, this was the place he always wanted to return to photograph the kingfishers.

Photographer captures Perfect Kingfisher dive shot

To get the ideal shot, McFadyen use to come back few times a week, averaging 100 days a year to click photos of the kingfishers as they dived into the lake. Sometimes he would take 600 pictures in a session and not a single one of them be would be of any use. Well, after six years of determination, he finally got a picture of perfect kingfisher dive.  Flawlessly straight, and without any splashes, the photograph is really awe-inspiring and a delight to watch.

 Alan McFadyen captures perfect kingfisher dive_2

Scottish photography hides_1

Scottish photography hides

Scottish photography hides

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