P-51: REC Watches unveils timepiece made from recycled Ford Mustangs

P-51 watches made from recycled Ford Mustang car parts

REC Watches, Denmark-based Company creates modern timepieces from salvaged iconic cars. Recycling classic and vintage iconic objects, the watch brand creates visibly unique timepieces, each of whom has its own story to tell. After unveiling a watch made from classic Mini salvaged parts last year, REC is back again with its latest mechanical watch made from recycled Ford Mustang car parts. Dubbed P-51, the watch made from recycled 1960s Mustangs is powered by an automatic mechanical engine and pays tribute to the American icon.

P-51 timepiece by REC Watches

The P-51 collection comes in three variations, where each variation has its own distinct expression in terms of color and materials used. Made from a metal sheet salvaged from a vintage Mustang, the top dial looks like a fuel gauge whereas the little plate up around 11 o’clock displays the manufacturing year and chassis number of the Ford Mustang.  To create something that could match the timeless and iconic design and the very symbol of American muscle cars, a team of specialists in both design and production was constituted.

P-51 timepiece by REC Watches

Well, the challenge beside the team was not only to create a life-lasting mechanical watch but also a timepiece that stay true to the concept and aesthetic ideals of the company. Thus, besides taking inspiration from the design of the classic Mustang, these P-51 watches also incorporates metal from these salvaged cars in the very product. Furthermore, every single piece is designed to be visually unique.

P-51 watches made from salvaged Ford Mustang car parts

The P-51 watches are the first watches to feature a ‘Story Card’. Narrating the story of the previous Mustang owners, the Story Card is a scannable plastic card that comes with a built-in NFC-chip and QR code. When activated, it links directly to a video that explains the exact story of the specific Mustang that became your watch! The P-51 timepieces by REC Watches are currently on Kickstarter where a pledge of   $745 will book a watch for you.

P-51 timepiece by REC Watches

Passionate about watches and cars, REC Watches was launched by childhood friends Christian Mygh and Jonathan Kamstrup in 2014.

Credit: Bloomberg

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