Linkin Park’s Brad Delson plays cardboard Fender Stratocaster

Linkin Park’s Brad Delson plays cardboard Fender Stratocaster

Fender Stratocaster is an electric guitar designed in 1954 by Leo Fender. Since then, Fender Musical Instruments Corporation has been using wood for creating the body of its classic Stratocaster guitar. Well, the inherent acoustical qualities of wood makes it a good choice for creating musical instruments. But what if a non-traditional material like cardboard is used to make a guitar that sounds like the real thing? No kidding. Signal Snowboard crew has teamed up with Ernest Packaging and Fender’s custom shop to contrive the functional cardboard guitar called Cardboard Chaos.

The shape of the guitar is crafted by the Fender team, forming conventional guitar body and neck from multiple layers of corrugated cardboard. Layers upon layers of fiberboard are assembled to make the guitar essentially transparent. Further electronics, strings, pickguard, frets and more elements were added to make it closely resemble like an actual guitar. However this cardboard guitar not only looks like a real guitar, it also sounds equally good. You won’t be able to figure out the difference between a wooden and this paper board instrument.

Linkin Park’s Brad Delson plays cardboard Fender Stratocaster

While it’s easy to make musical instruments out of cardboard and other unconventional materials such as 3D printed violin, the real challenge lies in producing quality sound like the authentic equipments. But the designers have done a pretty good job on this electric guitar, as its body allows the sound to vibrate brilliantly to produce the most amazing music out of it.

The paper-based instrument was even delivered to Linkin Park guitarist Brad Delson for a nu metal test and it sounded damn good. Even Delson and other band members were really surprised after hearing the amazing sound this cardboard guitar can produce. Still don’t believe us? Just check out the video given below to find out yourself whether the cardboard Fender Stratocaster sounds like a real guitar or not.

Via: MusicRadar

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