Steiff’s limited-edition Pikachu Plush is perfect for anime geeks

Steiff-pikachu- plush

Got some spare cash to burn? If yes, then you may consider spending it on this super adorable Pikachu Plush by German toy company Steiff. Electrifying Pikachu (from popular Pokemon cartoon series) still manages to capture the hearts of adults and children alike. Therefore, the renowned toy maker has collaborated with The Pokemon Company to create another luxurious toy, modeled after the cuddly electric critter, for anime fanatics.

Steiff-pikachu- plush

Steiff’s Pikachu is made out of natural mohair, a silk-life fabric specifically made from the hair of Angora goat. Due to its superior quality, the super soft fabric is known as ‘Diamond Fiber. From the black tips of its ears to the cute red blush on the cheeks, every minuted detail on the toy replicates the original anime character. Even its back has the pointy tail as well as the brown stripes

However, this one measures 280mm ( 11-inches) in height- the perfect size for snuggling. So you can now grab your very own Pikachu and give him a big hug whenever you feel like. But wait. Did we mention its price? Well, to get your hands on this cute Pikachu you need to shell out 45,000 yen (approx. US $367).

Steiff-pikachu- plush

Does the amount seem too much for a toy? But it’s a limited-edition plush toy and only 1,000 pieces are made for the first lot. Moreover, besides the wearing soft coat of mohair fur, the toy is even able to talk and comes with two additional outfits. All these points make the limited-edition Pikachu plush totally worth the asking price. For now, you can pre-orders the soft toy via Amazon Japan and Goodsmile Online Shop. It’s shipping is expected to begin in February 2016.

So, are you in favor of value or luxury? Decide yourself.

Pika. Pika.

Steiff-pikachu- plush

Via: Kotaku

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