Slayer Bob’s Christmas lights display will make you headbang [Video]

Slayer Bob’s Christmas lights display

Christmas is meant to be enjoyed by all, even thrash metalheads. So this holiday season, Slayer Bob, a metalhead from Southern California, has animated an entire series of Christmas lights on his house and synced with his favorite heavy metal tunes. But wait, not just any random metal songs, the whole Christmas lights show is designed to pay tribute to the popular heavy metal bands- Slipknot and Disturbed.

Slayer Bob’s Christmas lights display

Bob originally came into limelight few years ago with his metal-themed Christmas lights display that was set to Slayer’s classic track Raining Blood in 2009. After that he added further Slayer tributes every year during holiday season. But this year has focused on the tracks of Slipknot and Disturbed.

The light show boasts some metal fists, a guitar playing Santa, a headbanging Frosty the Snowman and some growling evergreens. These animated elements are seamlessly synchronized to Slipknot’s song Psychosocial from 2008 album ‘All Hope is Gone.’

On the other hand, the Disturbed tribute is set on the track Stricken from their album Ten Thousand Fists, released in 2005. Both the light shows are really headbanging inducers. Just check out the given videos, if that doesn’t make you headbang this Christmas, nothing will.

Via: TeamRock

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