Diirt turns recycled skateboards into fashionable finger rings

Diirt Turns Recycled Skateboards into Fashionable Finger Rings

Old and unwanted skateboards are often destined for the landfill, but Switzerland-based firm Diirt wants to reduce carbon footprint by upcycling skate decks. They collect retired skateboards and transform them into beautiful and colorful finger rings. For skaters, this is definitely a stylish way to always keep a piece of skateboard with them.

Diirt Turns Recycled Skateboards into Fashionable Finger Rings

Created by Swiss designer Chevalley Cédric, these fashionable rings look absolutely charming while sporing multicolored design. The designer personally selects colored wood pieces to perfectly match aesthetic balance.

Each ring is handmade out of steel and maple wood that’s originally used to form skateboards. The steel part is actually a chirurgical alloy, which is totally skin friendly. So, you can wear it comfortably without worrying about any skin reaction.

Diirt Turns Recycled Skateboards into Fashionable Finger Rings

The colorful skateboard rings are available in 52->68 dimensions, and certainly going to enhance your style statement. However the multicolored rings are priced at  €64 (approx. US $70) per piece, but it’s worth the eco-friendly trend.

Turning recycled skateboards into fashion is indeed a great way to reduce waste and any negative impact on nature. Nowadays various designers are turning waste materials into practical objects to limit carbon footprint and contribute their bit to save environment. Hopefully, in future we all will be able to make our green planet ‘greener and healthier’ as it used to be.

Via: DesignSpotter

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