Boncho: Vanmoof unveils fully-body bike poncho

Boncho by Vanmoof

Bike riding is all fun and good unless it starts raining. Also, raincoats and ponchos available on the market don’t provide full protection as arms and legs of the riders remains exposed to the rain. Thus, to offer full body protection to bike riders in rain, Vanmoof, an Amsterdam-based Cycling company has designed a creative and stylish wearable tent. Named Boncho, this full-body bike poncho perfectly covers riders’ bodies from head to toe when riding in the rain.

Utilizing a unique folding structure similar to pop up tents, Boncho offers an extended structure that goes over the handlebars to form a cover for your legs and feet. Also, the wearable tent is very easy to fold/unfold and comes with its own carry bag. As the whole package is small and thin, it can easily fit into every bag.

Boncho- the bike poncho is strong, stylish, weatherproof and breathable and has been designed using materials and technology from the outdoor industry. Riders will be able to wear small helmet comfortably underneath the wearable tent whereas large helmets can be worn around it.

Boncho- the bike poncho

Boncho by Vanmoof is currently on Kickstarter where it has already raised three times more than its funding goal. So, hurry up and book yourself this resourceful bike poncho with a pledge of €55($60). Boncho is available in three size options and will come in mint and gray colors.

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