CES 2016: Royole-X foldable VR headset for watching movies on the go

CES 2016 Royole-X foldable VR headset

Royole Corporation is showcasing its latest Royole-X Smart Mobile Theater at CES 2016 in Las Vegas. It is the world’s first foldable mobile theater in form of a virtual reality headset that provides immersive gaming and cinematic movie-watching experiences wherever desired. The best thing is that you don’t require extensive, discomforting components while watching movies on-the-go.

CES 2016 Royole-X foldable VR headset

It is an audio and video headset with display resolution of 3,300 pixels per inch, which is 10 times greater than a standard smartphone. Instead of mirror projection system, the Royole-X foldable VR headseat is integrated with AMOLED (active-matrix organic light-emitting diode) for visual clarity. To be precise, it uses 0.01 mm superthin and flexible AMOLED display.

CES 2016 Royole-X foldable VR headset

Noise-canceling headphones

The headset is coupled with great noise-canceling audio technology with less than one-percent audio distortion. You could hardly hear the surrounding noises once the headphones are on. It even has a separate control box for storing up to 64GB of media, so you can easily take your portable movie theater to anywhere you want. In addition, the device also supports Wi-Fi sharing, wireless streaming, HDMI and USB port. This means you could potentially connect Royole-X to any computer, smartphone or game console.

CES 2016 Royole-X foldable VR headset

External controlled with 64GB media storage capacity

Combining an eye mask and headphones, the Royole-X Smart Mobile Theater is designed to provide immersive experiences without uneasiness. But there are few downsides as well. The headsets is quite bulky and you need to carry the external controller all the time for connections and battery.

Talking of battery, the battery life works apparently up to five hours. Plus, you need to spend $699 for purchasing this headset. If all you care about is ultimate immersive experience to escape the world, then it is surely a great product. Despite the minor pitfalls, it is an amazing headset that helps you carry your personal mobile theater wherever you go.

CES 2016 Royole-X foldable VR headset

It is integrated with superthin and flexible AMOLED display

Via: Engadget

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