CES 2016: Kodak’s classic Super 8 film camera with analog-digital makeover

CES 2016 Kodak Super 8 film camera

While the Consumer Electronics Show is all about digitization and futuristic technology, Kodak is making everybody feel nostalgic with its classic Super 8 film camera. Announced at CES 2016, the Eastman company has given interesting analog-digital makeover to this retro camera with the help of industrial designer Yves Behar. Although the new eight-millimeter film camera still has its original features, but with a digital twist.

CES 2016 Kodak Super 8 film camera

Talking of digital features, the new camera is integrated with built-in light meter, 3.5-inch digital viewfinder and user interface that’s charged via USB cable like most of the modern devices. What makes it different is that the camera records videos on retro Super 8 film stock, maintaining its original film quality. Moreover, the company has slimmed down the new version of Super 8 video camera and its even smaller than the old-school model.

CES 2016 Kodak Super 8 film camera

Despite all the appealing features and functions, it would be difficult for people to adapt with retro qualities of the camera, especially for those who are used to endless digital shooting capabilities and quick video edits. Plus, the film can be hard to come by and even expensive to develop.

But there’s no need to worry, as Kodak said it has plans to provide digital copies of projects to people. Users have to send the footage to Kodak and they’ll send back the copies in both original and digital form. The initiative here is to make the new generation familiar with retro recording technology. May be classic film records will make a comeback with this ultimate analog-digital camera.

However the camera is still a prototype, but Kodak will be rolling out limited-edition Super 8 cameras in fall 2016. According to Wall Street Journal, the estimated cost of these cameras will be between $400 to $750, but much cheaper versions will come out in 2017.

CES 2016 Kodak Super 8 film camera

Source: Kodak

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