Rocks that rock! Self-powered Solar Stone and Keystone speakers

Self-powered Solar Stone and Keystone speakers

Ready to rock? These stone-shaped Solar Stone and Keystone speakers by ION Audio are really going to add more fun and obviously music to your outdoor parties. What’s best about these musical pieces of rock is: both are installed with solar panels and always ready to go. According to the company, the speakers are self-powered with onboard amplification and don’t need expensive hard-wiring to back the system. So, no more plugging in the unit to recharge the battery- just enjoy the music anywhere, anytime.

In addition to solar panels, the self-powered rechargeable outdoor speakers also have wireless Bluetooth streaming capability. All thanks to the Bluetooth connectivity the users can conveniently control their music selection and settings from their smartphone. Both speakers are IPX4 water-resistant and can easily withstand rain and water splashes near a beach or swimming pool. You can use them singly or link wirelessly to another speaker through TWS (True Wireless Stereo) technology, delivering perfect stereo sound and rock you BBQ, backyard or pool parties.

Self-powered Solar Stone and Keystone speakers

Although both are quite similar to each other, but there are few distinguishing features as well. Keystone is a two-way speaker with four-inch woofer and one-inch soft dome tweeter. It’s built-in 40 watt peak system power fills your space with lifelike music. This speaker comes with a remote control and has multi-direction articulating mount for flexible placement. On the other hand, 6.5-inch full-range Solar Stone speaker delivers rich vibrant sound with built-in 20-watt peak system. It boasts a control panel on rear for easy access.

These prehistoric-looking speaker seems to be belonging at a Flinstone theme park, but will equally fit into any natural landscape. ION Audio showcased both these rocking ‘rock speakers’ at Consumer Electronics Show 2016 in Las Vegas. These speakers will be available this spring, the Solar Stone is price at $129 (single) and $200 (pair). Whereas, Keystone will be sold only as a pair for $249.

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