Elysium carbon fiber pool table boasts a bunch of cool technology

Elysium World's First Carbon Fiber Pool Table

Created by Spanish company Iconic Xtrem Objects (IXO), the all-new Elysium billiards table is the futuristic take on classic piece of equipment. IXO is well-known for manufacturing best carbon fiber objects. This time they have formed the world’s first carbon fiber pool table that’s equipped with a bunch of cool technology, including light-up sensor, silent elevation system and a touchscreen.

Elysium World's First Carbon Fiber Pool Table

The light-up sensor forms spot on the table to improve positioning, and the silent elevation system helps you to located the cue ball and the triangle where the balls are accommodated. The higher the elevation of the cue, the more severe the degree of curve. Last but not the least, the integrated touchscreen is to manage the entire functioning of the pool table with ease.

On the other hand, sharp players can even add the Elysium Lamp to their customized version. The lamp is meant to be placed exactly above the game table for clear vision and also includes 4K-resolution camera to record the entire game. So, players can later watch their every move for further improvement and skill enhancement.

Elysium World's First Carbon Fiber Pool Table

Named after Elysian Fields (representing afterlife that has been written about by the greats like Homer), the Elysium carbon fiber pool table is designed to offer ideal blissful gaming experience. Combining both technology and elegance, the luxury billiards table is entirely a result of fine craftsmanship. It consists of more than 900 pieces joined together to create a completely different table. For its preparation, it took nearly three months and seven stages in the production plant in Vigo, Spain.

Elysium World's First Carbon Fiber Pool Table

Another luxurious highlight of the billiards table is that it comes in the same colors as the Bugatti Veyron. If you have the luxury car in your garage, you must get this pool table to match it. Elysium has a wide range of colors ranging from blue, red, yellow and black. So, you can get any one of the Bugatti-themed pool table to match or form contrasting high-end autonomous interior.

This high-tech opulent table will be limited to just 50 pieces, so it’s clear that it won’t come cheap. However the company has not reveled its pricing yet, but you can surely visit their website for more information.

Source: IXO

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