Japanese company designs wearable chair for surgeons

Archiles wearable chair by Nitto

Wearable technology is making our lives much more comfortable by each passing day. There are wearables that help us organize our work, socialize with our friends and keep track of our health. Well, how about a wearable for those who have to be on their feet during most part of their working hours? Yokohama-based mould factory Nitto have just done that by developing a wearable chair. Christened Archelis (which means “walkable chair” in Japanese), the innovative wearable has been specifically designed for people in medical field such as surgeons and doctors.

The Archelis wearable chair is designed by Nitto in collaboration with Japan Polymer Technology, Chiba University’s Center for Frontier Medical Engineering and Hiroaki Nishimura Design. Encasing legs and buttocks of the user, the chair provides the needed support that allows the users to sit down and bend their knees to reduce exhaustion.  As surgeons have to stand for long hours while operating, the Archelis chair can be very beneficial for them. They can concentrate efficiently during long surgical operations without getting tired and dizzy.

Although, the exoskeleton chair has been designed primarily for professionals in the medical field, it can be very useful in other industries too. Archelis can offer assistance to people in the hotel industry and other sectors as well where standing for long hours is the major part of one’s job. The Archiles wearable chair by Nitto is expected to hit the Japanese stores in summer.

Via: VentureBeat

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