Animeyed: Flora Borsi creates surreal human-animal hybrid portraits

Animeyed Self-Portraits-by-Flora-Borsi

Have you ever wondered what would happen if human and animal merge? Well, they would probably look like these surreal human-animal portraits by Hungarian artist Flora Borsi, who focuses in fine art photography and photo manipulation. Blending human form with animal kingdom, Borsi has created a clever photography series titled ‘Animeyed.’ This stunning hybrid series consists of self-portaits of Borsi replacing her right eye with an animal.

Budapest-based artist got inspired to create Animeyed, after capturing a selfie with her dog. In that photograph, she realized that the image her dog’s eye covered her eye, and looked as if merged with human eye. So, she thought of making an unusual series of self-portraits, combining human and animal features. Each image includes characteristics of distinct animals, creating a cohesive photograph.

Animeyed Self-Portraits-by-Flora-Borsi

Portrait with spiked fish

From blue-eyed black cat to scaly serpents wrapped around her neck, Borsi has brilliantly formed realistic human-animal creatures in one form. To create each portrait with perfection, she used same color of the animal for altering her hair, skin, eye color, and also the background (in few photographs).

The Budapest-based artist incorporates a cat, a green snake, a white dove, a hare, an orange goldfish, and a spiked fish to the creative self-portrait collection. According to body and eye color of each animal, the background and makeup are also changed to make it look more attractive and realistic.

But don’t be mistaken that the images are clicked with real animals. In fact, the clever artist has used her creativity, as well as undeniable camera and editing skills to make the images look extremely natural. As a result she has managed to create commendable snapshots that look absolutely unedited.

You can check out the following images to have closer look at each of these fascinating portraits.

Animeyed Self-Portraits-by-Flora-Borsi

Hair colored matched with orange fish

Animeyed Self-Portraits-by-Flora-Borsi

Borsi painted everything white to match the dove

Animeyed Self-Portraits-by-Flora-Borsi

Green serpent around her neck, beautifully covering her right eye

Animeyed Self-Portraits-by-Flora-Borsi

Black hare replaced Borsi’s right eye

Animeyed Self-Portraits-by-Flora-Borsi

Stunning butterfly self-portrait covering both her eyes

Via: Artfido | FloraBorsi

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