OK Go releases first-ever zero gravity music video

OK Go’s crazy music video in zero gravity

Alternative rock band OK Go has recently released their new single Upside Down & Inside Out, which is the industry’s first-ever zero gravity music video. You can see the band members and things floating in mid-air, showing the band’s athletic madness into absolute no gravity. In this thee-minutes clip, OK Go can be seen performing their trademark, choreographed antics. Meanwhile, people and near by items are escalating slowly, as if a scene from the live-action game of Splatoon.

This latest music video has been created in collaboration with Russia’s S7 Airlines. The band has completed three weeks of training at ROSCOSMOS, the Russian equivalent of NASA, to shoot the video. This three-minutes video acquired 45 minutes for three consecutive weeks to achieve the requisite amount of weightlessness, and we must say the resulting piece looks absolutely stunning.

Obviously it’s not better than the astronaut Chris Hadfield and his rendition of Bowie’s Space Oddity filmed on the ISS in 2013. But it is certainly buzzing the music industry with something ridiculously fun, peppy and ‘no gravity.’ Therefore, the crazy video has been rightfully billed around the web as the ‘first music video shot entirely in zero gravity.’ You must watch Upside Down & Inside Out video (above) to enjoy the first ever anti-gravity musical cliping.

OK Go’s crazy music video in zero gravity

However, the logistics of shooting the video are explained in greater detail in a FAQ on the band’s website. On the website, you can even find some interesting tidbits about behind the scenes. Let us reveal one fact that the band puked a total of 58 times during filming. Find out more things about the video and making of the video on the band’s official website.

OK Go’s crazy music video in zero gravity

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