Magic Fireplace by Safretti literally sets the water on fire

Magic Fireplace by Safretti

All our lives we’ve seen water suppressing fire, but Safretti surely wants to change that with its mesmerizing Magic Fireplace, which can literally set the water on fire. No Kidding! The astonishing fireplace is actually an electric burner that runs on water, instead of bio-ethanol. One can light up the burner on a real line of fire effects, using its unusual patented technology. The illusive flames look so real that one cannot distinguish it from real fire.

Magic Fireplace by Safretti

Well, the built-in burners are equipped with water reservoirs where water is heated and turned into fine mist. Vaporized water further reflects the light against water, thus creates three-dimensional fire effect. With the help of a remote control, you can easily ignite the flame effect to highlight aesthetics of any luxurious living area.

The elegant fireplace is made from high grade stainless steel that’s further shaped into a compact design. Plus, durable fireplace is able to burn for up to 6-8 hours on a full water tank. This stylish freestanding burner is perfect to boost appeal of any modern interior.

Magic Fireplace by Safretti

Best thing about this conversational piece is that it’s CE-approved and 100-percent eco-friendly, as the system doesn’t require harmful bio-ethanol or any other fuels for running. Due to the use of only water, a healthy and well humidified indoor environment will be created. Moreover, the magical illusion of fire won’t cause any risk of burns or fire outbreaks.

This luxury fireplace design will certainly add magical touch to you contemporary home or office environment. However, you need to shell out whopping CAD 2,999 on a single piece of the dreamy burner. But that’s totally worth something extraordinary that can turn any space into a mystical world.

Magic Fireplace by Safretti

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