Matt Tuck performs world’s first continuous gig across air, sea and land

Matt Tuck for Jägermeister's Ice Cold Gig 2016 series

Matt Tuck, frontman of Welsh heavy metal band Bullet for My Valentine has teamed up with Jägermeister to complete the world’s first continuous gig across air, sea and land. This extreme gig was performed as a part of Jägermeister’s Ice Cold Gig 2016 series. The fifth chapter of the series took place amidst (and above) the Lyngsfjord region, near Tromsø, in the spectacular setting of North Norway.

Well-known for creating such jaw-dropping gigs in the past too, the iconic German herbal digestif invited Matt Tuck to be part of the most extreme gig of their series. Accompanied by his three best friends, Tuck can be seen playing an acoustic guitar in a video that features some highlights of this one of a kind music gig. You can watch him playing his guitar in air after skydiving from a helicopter, then in a speedboat and finally across the Arctic tundra on a dog-sled.

Matt Tuck for Jägermeister's Ice Cold Gig 2016 series

The Jägermeister Ice Cold Gig 2016 gig starts at an altitude of 15,000 feet above Lyngsfjord in a Eurocopter AS350 helicopter. Matt and his three friends who seem to be his live audience are paired with a specially trained instructor. After jumping out of the helicopter into the thin air, the parachute is opened at 7000 feet. This is when the lead vocalist of the band grabs his guitar and starts playing the first song of the gig, “The Last Fight”.

For the second stage, Matt and his friends speeds across the serene Lyngsfjord in a speedboat with winds blowing at sub zero temperatures. The second song for the gig played by him is “Venom”. Lastly, travelling to Gukkesgaissa Mountains in a dog-sled led by Siberian huskies, Matt plays “Bittersweet Memories” from the band’s 2010 album, Fever.

Sadly, the released video only features the highlights of the gig. Well, Matt Tuck and Jägermeister U.K. will release a full length documentary on the gig in April 2016.

Via: Blabbermouth

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