Oombrella: Cloud-connected weather forecasting umbrella


Could you point out some of the problems with conventional umbrellas? Well, it often collapses in high wind, it can be left at a table in some restaurant you last went, and the most common one is that you often get caught without one when it’s really needed. Not anymore- as here enters Oombrella, could-connected umbrella that forecasts weather and also reminds you to take it with you if it’s supposed to rain.


The smart umbrella is integrated with a capsule that contains a series of sensors to collect information on humidity, temperature, pressure, and light. According to the collected data, it can predict rain using hyper-locale, and even sends notification alerts on wezzoo smartphone app via Bluetooth. A notification reminding you to grab Oombrella will pop up immediately if you tend to forget your umbrella at your table in a restaurant or any other place.


Oombrella has heavy duty ribs that are designed to make it extremely wind resistant. Therefore, there will be no collapsing of umbrella even during high wind. Besides all that, the sensor-integrated handle also features built-in buzzer and light that activate to signal about the incoming call on your smartphone. So, even if you’re outside in a storm and your phone lying under layers of clothing- then also you’ll be able to know about the incoming call.


Oombrella also has a mount on the top for a GoPro camera. Available in three different colors: white, black and shiny edition. The Shiny edition looks like a bubble with rainbow colors on its surface. From smaller sizes that can fit into bags or purses to classic layout, the smart umbrella is available in multiple sizes. This means you can choose any desired color and size of the umbrella.

Currently the project is seeking funds on Kickstarter campaign for initial target of about €57,500 (US $65,000). Early backers can pre-order the Oombrella in any desired color and size option for €59 ($67).

Via: Slashgear

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