Moleskine smart writing set digitizes note-taking and sketching

Moleskine smart writing set

While most people today prefer to take down notes on digital devices, some still prefer hand written notes. If you’re one of those who like to pen down their thoughts or important business details, then the latest Smart Writing Set from Moleskine is just for you. This is an intelligent device that lets users combine the best of both analog and digital note-taking.

Moleskine’s new Smart Writing Set consists of three components: Pen+, Paper Tablet and smartphone app. The Moleskine Pen+ is an aluminum writing instrument, which is equipped with sensors to pick up handwriting. The pen also has a built-in camera that uses nCode technology to track the movements of the pen’s tip on the notebook’s pages.

Moleskine smart writing set

The Pen+ works in conjunction with Paper Tablet that is a digitized notebook with specifically textured paper. No touchscreen or electronic equipment is present inside the notebook. However, the design of the pages budges outward with rounded contour, making each page seem like a digital tablet.

Together both Pen+ and Paper Tablet work to transfer written words into digital notes that are further accessible via smartphone app that supports iOS/Android devices. This way the smart note-taking device brilliantly combines the best of both world, while maintaining essence of digital and analog devices. The high-tech writing set will be beneficial for students or professionals who may like to jot down notes or some drawings on a piece of paper. But now they can enjoy handwritten notes in more digitized way.

You can get your hands on the Moleskine Smart Writing Set (including pen, notebook, and free accompanying app) for US $199. Plus, no monthly subscription fees since everything is stored locally on your smart devices.

Moleskine smart writing set

Via: DigitalTrends

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