Reconfigure shape of Lift-Bit digital sofa via your smartphone

Lift-Bit Sofa by Carlo Ratti

World is going gaga over modular and flexible furniture designs, as these are the most versatile units for a limited space apartment. But international design firm Carlo Ratti has taken the idea of modular furnishing to whole new level with Lift-Bit digital sofa. It is the world’s first internet-connected sofa that can be rearranged into different configuration using a smartphone app.

Lift-Bit Sofa by Carlo Ratti

Designed for company Vitra, the Lift-Bit sofa consists of various hexagonal stools that are combined together to form a single piece of furniture such as a couch, a bed, a lounger, a table or a stool. Integrated honeycomb-like units are flexible enough to be elevated or lowered down via companion mobile app.

Lift-Bit Sofa by Carlo Ratti

All you need to do is connect the furniture unit with its respective mobile app, and now using the given features on the app, you can easily alter shape and configuration of individual stool units. According to the preference of the user, these hexagonal units can be raised from specific sections to form a couch while watching TV, a table to place your snacks while chit-chatting with friends, and a comfy bed to for a snooze.

Lift-Bit Sofa by Carlo Ratti

Furthermore, alignment of the sofa can also be changed as per your home interior. Whether curved, straight or diagonal patterns, the furniture will effortlessly blend into any home or office setting. It is both functional and aesthetic sofa design, but with IoT touch.

The digital sofa design proves that app-connected, self-adjusting furniture is the future of smart homes. Homeowners don’t have to invest in different furnishing units, if they have this all-in-one furniture in their house. Lift-Bed sofa is being showcased at Salone del Mobile 2016. You can find out more details about the internet-connected transforming sofa at the event in Milan.

Via: Inhabitat

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