Rip out and roll this pizza box into a weed pipe

Pizza Box Weed Pipe by Push for Pizza

Stoners and pizza, what a match! But why to carry your weed pipe all the time when this cool pizza box can turn into a marijuana pipe for you? Folks behind Push for Pizza, pizza ordering app, have recently teamed up with Nikolas Gregory Design Studio to create this amazing pizza box that transforms into a pipe for smoking weed. It’s really a stoner’s dream come true.

For this easy transformation, all you need to do is rip off the detachable cardboard shaft from the pizza box and roll it up to build a DIY pipe. The project is basically designed to enlighten people about the evolving legalization movement in United States. Supporting the cannabis movement, the innovative pizza box has been designed with large-scale patterns and also features a small cut-out section at the top that can be easily removed and quickly folded into a pot pipe.

Pizza Box Weed Pipe by Push for Pizza

Furthermore, a little ceramic pizza stand, which is used to hold pizza in place, can be used as a bowl for the pipe. The ceramic stand is resistant to heat and provides enough space for ventilation, so you don’t have to worry about inhaling intoxicating smoke.

When large scale production will begin, the stand will be made out of recyclable vegetable-based plastic. This will also feature a carb for better ventilation. In coming years, pizza ordering is going to be a fun time for both smokers and non-smokers.

Pizza Box Weed Pipe by Push for Pizza

Via: TheVerge

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