London’s naked restaurant allows you to eat in the nude

London's Naked Restaurant-1

Want to dine naked? Well, the idea may not appeal to everyone, but soon-to-open London’s naked restaurant is encouraging nude dining. Dubbed The Bunyadi, this unique pop-up restaurant allows patrons to eat their meals in the nude. While most upcoming restaurants are adapting innovative themes to impress their guests, this naked eatery completely stand out from the rest – as it promises to provide completely natural eating experience to the guests.

Created by pop-up company Lollipop, the ‘clothing-optional’ diner is set to open in London this summer. There will be two sections in the restaurant: clothed and unclothed. In the clothed section diners can enjoy their food just like in any typical restaurant. But if you want to experience something extraordinary, then do try the unclothed section, where patrons will be allowed to eat in the minimum clothing.

London's Naked Restaurant-1

Prior to dining, you will be directed to a changing room, where a robe will be provided to you. After that it will depend on your whether you want to leave or discard the robe during meal time. The idea behind this inventive diner is to offer something different to people that gives them freedom from trappings of modern life.

Furthermore, menu of the naked restaurant will included both vegan and non-vegan dishes; all made with natural ingredients and cooking methods. The food will be served on handmade cutlery that’s made from natural clay.

If you think that the restaurant will not be liked by people, then let us tell you that the pop-up eatery has already more than 5,600 people on waiting list. This clearly means that people are too tired of their monotonous routine life that they are all-set to try something new – no matter if it involves public nudity.

Via: Mirror

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