World’s first commercial jetpack could be yours for $300,000

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Innovative high-tech startup KuangChi Science in Shenzhen, Guangdong province had unveiled its world’s first commercial jectpack concept few years ago. After years of testing and various approvals, now the jetpack is all set to take off in 2016. The startup has already received 200 orders for its Martin Jetpack that costs 2 million yuan (approx. $308,640).

Martin jetpack is powered by a gasoline engine driving twin ducted fans. These powerful engine elements are able to produce enough thrust to enable a sustained flight by lifting the aircraft and the pilot. It is meant to easily carry commercial payloads of up to 120 kg. At a speed of nearly 80km per hour. The jetpack is also able to provide you maximum flying time of 45 minutes.

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Complete aircraft has been mainly produced in New Zealand. With easy control options, the pilot can operate it even closer to, between buildings or other confined spaces. This means the jetpack is able to reach even at spaces where conventional aircrafts cannot reach. So, its going to be really helpful for rescue teams to save people during emergency conditions.

According to Zhang Yangyang, CEO of the company, a rescue team in Dubai has ordered about 30 units of this amazing jetpack. Even you can get your hands on the Martin Jetpack, if you’ve extra $300,0000 to spend on it.

Via: ChinaDaily

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