Crazy inventor Colin Furze takes flight on homemade hoverboard

Homemade hoverboard by Colin Furze-2

Consider them self-balancing scooter-boards or a device waiting for explosion, nevertheless hoverboards have become the hottest two-wheelers all around the world. But taking hoverbikes to whole new level, crazy British inventor Colin Furze has created the world’s first homemade hoverboard that seems to be a cool alternative to Aero-X. Although Furze is no strange to unusual DIY creations, but this extraordinary hoverboard is the best so far.

The huge hoverboard consists of two motors and propellors, which are fixed to S-shaped metal frame. Instead of same directions, the propellors were fixed in opposite directions so that it can cut down gyroscopic spin. The resulting creation is able to fly along with the user, however easy-to-use controls provide impeccable balance and stability.

Homemade hoverboard by Colin Furze-1

This entire DIY hoverboard has been built in Furze’s backyard and works like any other high-performance device from well-known companies. But one needs to practice a lot in order to tame this flying beast.

It’s amazing to see how Furze has managed to create a functional hoverbike, that too without any explosion. Did we mention he doesn’t even hold any professional engineering degree? This crazy inventor is absolutely genius.

If you’re interested to know more about the whole construction process, then go through the series of four videos by Furze himself.

Homemade hoverboard by Colin Furze-4

Via: Mirror

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