Float your worries away while relaxing in Zerobody dry pool

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To help office employees in relieving their work stress, spa manufacturer Starpool has teamed up with Neocogita, brain wellness research company, for creating Zerobody dry pool. Designed by Cristiano Mino, it is basically a heated waterbed that provides floating sensation to the user, when they sink into the bed for some relaxation.

This therapeutic bed is reminiscent to an immersion tank. But unlike traditional immersion tanks, Zerobody dry pool bed makes you feel like floating in water but without even getting wet. This means office employees can take a break for relaxing in between their work hours. So, they can work stress-free, while rejuvenating their senses.

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To use the dry pool, you simply have lay on it just like a conventional bed and let the therapeutic bed provide you complete sensation of weightlessness and floating in mid-air or water. This floating sensation will help your body to release endorphins, thus making you feel euphoric without depending on any sort of medicines or drugs.

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Zerobody also comes with NU RELAX app that can help you connect your smartphone with the system. This way you can enjoy soothing music when de-stressing on the euphoria-enhancing bed. Moreover, the app allows you to set different color-changing light effects to instantly enhance your mood. It is truly going to be the best addition in workspaces, as well as wellness centers for helping people unwind without any need of changing their clothes while getting into the ‘dry pool’.

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Via: Contemporist

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