Light Rider: World’s first 3D printed motorcycle by Airbus APWorks

Light Rider: World’s first 3D printed motorcycle

From 3D printed guitars to 3D printed bikes, 3D printing technology is taking the world by storm. But that’s not all, now brace yourself for the world’s first 3D printed motorcycle called Light Rider. Created by Airbus subsidiary APWorks, the Light Rider looks like an electric bicycle and supported by web-shaped aluminum structure. As the name indicates, body of the electric motorcycle is lightweight and weighs just 35 kilograms (77 pounds), which is much less than its potential rider.

The aluminum used for its construction consists of a custom aluminum alloy that’s named ‘Scalmalloy’ by APWorks. Various thin layers of custom alloy are fused together to form this incredible material that bears titanium-like strength.

Light Rider: World’s first 3D printed motorcycle

According to the company, the motorcycle is powered by a removable battery that can run up to 60 km (30 miles) on a single charge. To cover more distance, it’s obvious that you need to swap its battery with another one. On a single charge, the motorcycle can run from 0-45 km/h in mere three seconds. Hence, it is going to be a great futuristic two-wheeler with its amazing bicycle-like looks.

Light Rider: World’s first 3D printed motorcycle

Light Rider is a great combination of cutting-edge design and electric two-wheeler. This electric motorcycle is limited to just 50 pieces, however the price is going to put a deep hole in your pocket. It is priced at $55,000, which is equivalent to some great SUVs on the market. Moreover, you need to spend $2,200 as deposit for your 3D printed motorcycle.

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