Man quits job to convert old van into solar-powered mobile home

Zack Both’s mobile home

Former filmmaker, 23-year-old Zach Both quit his job after months of daydreaming about a nomadic lifestyle. To pursue his dream, Zach has converted an old van into a cozy solar-powered mobile home. He bought the 2003 Chevy Express van for $4000 on Craigslist in August 2014, and spent total $15,000 to convert it into his dream caravan, which is installed with solar panels for off-grid living.

Zack Both’s mobile home

The exterior is kept white to make it look as simple as possible, whereas interior is clad in timber that’s inspired by minimalist Scandinavian design patterns. For extra comfort and luxury, the van comprises a futon bed, L-shaped desk space and integrated kitchen space on the other end. The kitchen is further installed with ARB 50-quart fridge/freezer combo for keeping drinks cool, and an Origo two-burner alcohol stove for cooking.

Zack Both’s mobile studio-1

Instead of a full sink and water pump, Zach has installed a minimalist five-gallon water jug. Due to limited water supply, there is no shower or toilet space inside the camper – as the young filmmaker prefers to use gym showers or public restrooms for cleansing and saving water at the same time. Plus, for entertainment, a home theater system has been installed.

Zack Both’s mobile home

Using this minimalist yet luxury mobile home, Zach enjoys every bit of freedom while traveling. We’re sure he must be having fun while traveling to different places, living like a happy nomad. If you’re struck with wanderlust and looking forward to live the same lifestyle, you may follow step-by-step conversion guidelines by Zach to create your own DIY mobile home.

Zack Both’s mobile home

Zack Both’s mobile studio

Via: Mymodernmet

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