SHAPES cable holders are geometrically artistic tech accessories


Keeping your working desk clutter free has become more aesthetic, all thanks to the SHAPES cable holders by D’one Creative Design. Made out of metal, these luxury metal pyramids and spheres are designed to hold tangled cables and organize your workspace, while adding aesthetic charm to your desktop.

Taking a playful turn on electronic cables, the SHAPES cable holder mimics the shape Egyptian pyramids and elegant spheres. Each piece is made of brass and has a passageway for 6.3 x 6.3-mm cable, which is an optimal size for all current cable types.


Furthermore, the metal holder is electroplated with silver, gold and rose gold. The gorgeous finish beautifies its appearance, as well as prevents corrosion and aging. For more stability, each figure is lined with rubber bushings underneath to protect the table surface from scratches, and also to keep SHAPES from falling down.


Besides holding cables and wires, the tech accessory also creates artistic appearance when two or more are placed side by side on your work desk. Hence, serves as a great addition to spruce up your desktop. If you like your workspace to be clean and tidy with a touch of elegance, SHAPES is indeed a perfect option.


Creating quite a scenic view on your work desk, the SHAPES metal holders look graceful even when they’re not holding any cables. Available on Kickstarter, you can pre-order your stylish metal cable holder for $25 (early bird price), $29 (one SHAPES), $49 (special early bird price for two), and $55 (two SHAPES).

Via: D’oneCreativeDesign

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