Xiaomi anti-pollution mask to combat smog and air pollution in China


Both India and China are facing the biggest challenge today i.e. air pollution, which is going from bad to worse. While there are companies that are coming up with high-tech air purifiers for homes, there are no appropriate gadgets to purify bad air outside our houses. Here enters Xiaomi’s anti-pollution mask in the Chinese market to combat smog and air pollution with its PM2.5 rechargeable air filter.


Xiaomi’s Mi air mask is made from a high-fiber textile that’s hand woven to form a three-dimensional structure. Featuring double detachable design, the 52-chip Cloth Pear Fresh mask consists of a set of masks in a compact layout, making it extremely portable and lightweight with only 50.5gms of weight. The detachable air filter is able to achieve PM2.5 filtration efficiency of up to 99-percent.

The high-tech anti-pollution mask features an ultra-thin fan (with three-level speed), charging port, air volume memory, and a knob type filter cartridge. Powered by Li-ion battery, the Xiaomi Mi air mask can be charge in 4-8 hours, and also features an energy saving module.

xiaomi-anti-pollution-mask-cloth-pear-fresh-air-mask-3Cloth Pear Fresh Air Mask is Xiaomi’s latest crowdfunding effort that’s being sold on the Mi crowdfunding page for CNY 89 (approx. Rs. 900). Although the air purifier, as well as, the anti-pollution mask markets are booming in Northern India, especially Delhi, but India still has to wait for this high-quality air mask from Xiaomi – as this one is only available via the crowdfunding site in China.

Hopefully, it arrives in India soon. After alarming post-Diwali pollution levels in North India, the country seriously needs this Chinese gadget that no one will boycott.


Via: BGR

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