Fiat Ducato Camper Vans carry a piece of luxury to your expeditions


Looking for a stylish motorhome that has everything inside, like a conventional home? Well, Fiat Ducato Camper Vans are great base vehicles that are more suited to being converted into a motorhome. This is possible all thanks to Fiat’s focus on the motorhome market. In order to do that, Fiat has worked closely with Europe’s motorhome manufacturers to ensure the Ducato chassis cab is designed perfectly with a motorhome conversion in mind.

You get to select from three wheelbases, four lengths, three heights and eight volume options, as well as, four different Multijet engine sizes. These camper vans are square-shaped, which means every last bit of room in the rear can easily be converted into sleeping areas, kitchenettes, entertainment areas or Captain’s chairs.


Area in rear cab is converted into a sleeping area

The exterior is strong enough to withstand any environmental conditions, whereas, the interior is very cool and comfortable. The van is equipped with a high-tech entertainment system that includes multi-speaker audio offerings and flat-screen TVs. Moreover, furniture is integrated with the lighting system.

These motorhomes can also be equipped with an LED light bar for additional aesthetic touch. Plus, they have expansive rooftop carrying capacity. Therefore, these motorhomes are perfect for camping enthusiasts who like to carry a lot of stuff with them, along with luxuries at the same time. You can buy any desired model from the company’s official website.


Area in rear cab is converted into Captain’s chairs


Area in rear cab is converted into an entertainment area


Fully-equipped kitchen


Area for dining and enjoying outside views


Fiat Ducato Camper Van


Perfect for off-roading and also withstands all weather conditions

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