All new EarthRoamer LTi comes with a carbon fiber body

EarthRoamer LTi

EarthRoamer is one of our favorite companies that make off-grid and Xpedition Vehicles. The Colorado-based manufacturer’s mission is to create the world’s most innovative, go anywhere off-grid vehicles. They don’t compromise on comfort and make sure the XV owners explore the world with complete confidence.

carbon fiber EarthRoamer LTi

Well, it looks like EarthRoamer is taking their innovative capabilities to new heights with their newest vehicle. Called EarthRoamer LTi, the overland vehicle comes with a vacuum infused carbon fiber camper body. According to the manufacturer, this is the most advanced EarthRoamer ever made and is ready to hit the road. Incorporating the best qualities of LTS and HD models, LTi is the result of 21 years of experience the company has from building over 250 Expedition Vehicles.

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The all new EarthRoamer LTi is built on a heavy duty Ford F-550 4WD chassis that comes with a 6.7-liter turbo diesel engine. The body of each LTi model is produced using a Vacuum Infusion Process (VIP). The process results in a monocoque carbon fiber body that is much stronger and lighter than any traditional RV. The new LTi model is almost 1000 pounds lighter than the LTS model.

carbon fiber EarthRoamer LTi

The EarthRoamer LTi is built for four seasons and is all weather capable. The self sufficient beast comes with a huge rooftop solar array that produces 1,300-watt solar power. The massive fuel tank can hold up to 95 gallons of fuel. On the other hand, it can carry 100 gallons of fresh water and 60 gallons of grey water. An 11,000-watt-hour lithium-ion battery bank is also there. The EarthRoamer LTi is packed with some new features such as side bunk windows, auto charge functions and flush mount glass windows.

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Each Expedition Vehicle is handcrafted in house at their factory in Dacono, Colorado. The LTi model comes with different floor plans to choose from. Custom made to order, each motorhome is sold directly from Colorado. The EarthRoamer LTi comes with a base price of $590,000. However, a well equipped vehicle will set you back in between $650,000 and $700,000. Also, the initial deposit for LTi is $50,000 and currently there is about 8 months of waiting on the RV.
carbon fiber EarthRoamer LTi

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