P-51 Eleanor: REC watches unveils timepiece crafted from recycled ‘68 Mustang Eleanor

P-51 Eleanor timepiece from REC watches

Denmark-based REC Watches is one of our favorite companies that built auto inspired watches. In the past, we have shown you their P-51 timepiece which was made using recycled 1960s Ford Mustang. Now the brand is releasing their latest limited edition timepiece dubbed the P-51 Eleanor. The dial of the watch is handcrafted from the trunk lid of a rebuild ‘68 Ford Mustang Fastback Eleanor. This iconic car was first introduced in 2000 in the Jerry Bruckheimer blockbuster ‘Gone in 60 Seconds’.

REC watches is known to incorporate salvaged and recycled parts from iconic vehicles into their timepieces. For the P-51 Eleanor, the company recovered a 1968 Fastback in Saintes, Belgium. This Mustang was built by two Belgian brothers specifically for their annual American car show. REC team was able to punch 498 dials from the Eleanor trunk lid. Each dial is coated with a clear layer of lacquer ensuring that original patina of this iconic machine remains intact and visible.

P-51 Eleanor timepiece from REC watches

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The P-51 Eleanor timepiece from REC watches adores several design cues from the iconic machine. The dial and strap proudly flaunts the racing stripes taken from the Eleanor’s hood. The rotor is designed to look like the unique form factor of ’68 Eleanor rims. Also, both sides of the auto inspired watch have taken design cues from the macho front grill of the 68 Eleanor.

P-51 Eleanor watch

The power reserve’s design is inspired by the fuel gauge of the classic Ford Mustang. The E (empty) indicator is shifted to right side on the P-51 because of the mechanical movement in the watch. Moreover, the three-hand & date function gets its design from the Mustang dashboard. Even the font on the dial has been borrowed from the original Mustang.

P-51 Eleanor timepiece

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Every P-51 Eleanor timepiece comes with a NFC and QR compatible Story Card. It takes you to the video documenting the stories and origin of the 1968 Mustang Eleanor. The P-51 Eleanor timepiece by REC watches is a limited edition of 498 units only. So, if you want one hurry up and pre-order through their official website. This auto-inspired timepiece is priced at $1,695.

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