These 3D printed bottles for F1 perfume collection costs $10,000 a piece

F1 and Designer Parfums unveils fragrance collection

Formula 1 has partnered with UK- based Designer Parfums to create a unique fragrance collection. The collection will be unveiled at Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2019 and will go on sale in March 2020. Ross Lovegrove has designed three exclusive limited edition 3D-printed metal perfume bottles for the perfumes. Lovegrove is a well -known Welsh artist and industrial designer whose designs are inspired by the logic and beauty of nature. His designs possess a trinity between technology, materials science and intelligent organic form.

Ross Lovegrove

The unique fragrances and bespoke F1 inspired bottles perfectly unites technology and dynamism with heritage and storytelling. Designer Parfums has become the first fragrance brand to utilize 3D printing in their designs. Designer Ross Lovegrove has made use of the latest digital light synthesis 3D printing technology to design the 3D printed perfume bottles. He has created an intricate and stunning technopolymeric resin-based exoskeleton that encases the fragrance bottle.

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Lovegrove worked on the design of the product for about two years. Working almost every day with a team of 12 people, Lovegrove was able to create such a complex design which is impossible to copy. Just as F1 car protects the driver, the exoskeleton keeps the bottle safe. It’s a self-protecting, self-defining form of design. The perfume bottles are 3D printed by a Germany-based manufacturer.

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Lovegrove has designed three 3D printed bottles for the collaboration. The first design is the Agile Embrace bottle based upon principles of form created from flow. The gold-plated bottle is protected by flowing lines that embrace the inner core. This bottle weighs around 860 grams and it took 24 hours to print this art piece.

Agile Embrace 3D printed bottle by Ross Lovegrove

The second design is the Fluid Symmetry derived from the evolving organic lines of the cars aerodynamic design. Made from 3D-printed blasted titanium, the Fluid Symmetry bottle weighs just 290 grams and it took 15 hours to print it.

Fluid Symmetry 3D printed bottle by Ross Lovegrove

Lastly, the Compact Suspension standing at 9 inches is the tallest of three designs. The inner flask is suspended inside a 3D printed geometry which seems like a space frame of exoskeleton with layers. This bottle weighs 550 grams and was 3D-printed in 35 hours.

Compact Suspension 3D printed bottle by Ross Lovegrove

Each of these designs are priced at $10,000 is available in a numbered and limited edition of 20 pieces. These will be on sale at the F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2019. A premium and affordable edition priced at $250 will be launched at F1 Australian Grand Prix on March 15, 2020.

F1 perfume collection in 3D printed bottles

Via: Forbes
Source: Formula1

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