World’s first tattooed car from Lexus is artwork on wheels

Lexus unveils world’s first tattooed car
Lexus, luxury vehicle division of the Japanese automaker Toyota has teamed up with Claudia De Sabe to create the world’s first tattooed car. Claudia is an Italian tattoo artist who currently works in London. She was assisted by her husband Yutaro who specializes in Japanese illustrations.

Christened ‘Tattoo Car’, the vehicle used for the artwork is an all white Lexus UX compact SUV. All thanks to its streamlined shape, it served a perfect canvas for the husband-duo to show their artistry. Also, this masterpiece celebrates Japanese artistry and craftsmanship that goes into building Lexus cars. Sadly, the world’s first tattooed car is not for sale. However, the tattooed car is expected to cost around $146,000.

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Lexus unveils world’s first tattoo car

It took about six months in formulation of the concept, designing and development of the art car. Claudia and her husband dedicated full five days to complete the art work on the SUV. Clearly, conventional tattooing needle was not an option here, so the tattoo artist used Dremel drill to carve the cars surface and create a beautiful pattern. After finishing the tattoo, the car was illustrated with five liters of car paint by hand. Lastly, the UX tattoo art car was covered with a protective lacquer coating to make it road ready.

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Lexus unveils art car

The complex design adorning the Lexus UX features two Koi carps on each side along the entire length of the SUV. Besides that, the tattooed car also comes with couple of goldfish as well. The Koi is a motif taken from traditional Japanese art which symbolizes good fortune and perseverance. In these difficult times amid Coronavirus outbreak, the whole world is in a desperate need of good fortune.

Lexus unveils world’s first tattoo art car

Credit: CarAdvice

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