Gomi unveils portable charger made from non recyclable plastic waste

Gomi portable chargers made from plastic waste

Gomi is a Brighton, UK-based Company that turns non-recyclable plastic waste into tech products and gadgets. After winning praises for their portable Bluetooth speaker made from plastic waste, the environmentally friendly design studio is back with their new product. Their upcoming product is a high performance eco-friendly portable charger. Handmade from ‘non-recyclable’ plastic waste and powered by repurposed batteries, each piece will come with a distinctive marbled pattern.

portable chargers by Gomi

Gomi is utilizing non-recyclable plastic waste and recycled batteries to manufacture these portable chargers. The guys at Gomi have a simple goal of recycling plastic and preventing it ending up in landfill sites. Their team works with plastic waste that is not widely recyclable and converts it into raw material. The waste includes plastic bags, bubble wrap, yogurt pots, pallet wrap, plastic food boxes, clear disposable cups and plastic cutlery.

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Gomi portable chargers made from plastic waste

The Gomi portable speakers made from waste will be coming soon to Kickstarter. Initially, the portable speakers will be a limited edition of certain units and will come with 12,000mah capacity. Each product will come with a unique marbled design. Easy to manufacture in house at company’s workspace, these products can once again be upcycled to create another objects as well.

 portable chargers

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Gomi gets its supply of plastic waste for recycling from food wholesalers in Sussex. Besides that, they also accept non-recyclable plastic waste from other businesses running around nearby and local house households as well. The design studio is about a run a Kickstarter campaign in order to scale-up their production. They have recycled around 500kg plastic waste which was meant to go in the landfills in the past 9 months.

 portable chargers

The limited edition portable chargers by Gomi will be making its debut on Kickstarter today. You can subscribe via email to get notification about the launch of portable chargers that clean the planet. Each piece will come with a price of just £35($43).

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