Toilet paper roll cakes are in high demand

edible toilet paper cake by The Schürener Backparadies

As soon as the news of lockdown due to coronavirus pandemic outbreak got out, everybody rushed to the market to buy essential items. Toilet paper is one of the items that vanished from the shelves in an instant. With many buying almost 50 packs, netizens got enough content for making hilarious memes.

edible toilet paper cake by The Schürener Backparadies

Looking at the demand of toilet paper, a German bakery came up with a unique idea to make cakes shaped like rolls of toilet paper. The Schürener Backparadies, Dortmund-based bakery and restaurant is bringing smile to the faces of people during this crisis with its unique cakes. Tim Korteum, the bakery’s manager got the inspiration to create this type of design while talking to a customer.

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At first, they made only 8 pieces of toilet paper shaped cake as a joke. Surprisingly, they were gone within 5 minutes as people really loved the idea. Therefore, they started creating bigger batches of 60 and then 80 rolls of edible toilet paper cakes. Well, people love it so much that demand is increasing day by day. They are getting lots of praise on social media as well with people appreciating the idea. The bakery is getting requests from all over the world through internet.

toilet paper shaped cake by The Schürener Backparadies

As of now, the bakery located at Gevelsberger Straße 26 in Dortmund is making almost 200 of these round marble cakes a day. With supplies running out in supermarkets, The Schürener Backparadies have plenty of supply stored.

They addressed their customers in a Facebook post few days ago:

“We continue to offer the full range, seven days a week. As a bakery, we are one of the systemically important food suppliers and we are still open in the event of a disaster to provide the population with food supply.”

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