Hyderabad man creates coronavirus shaped car to create awareness

coronavirus shaped car by K. Sudhakar

Public awareness and social distancing plays a vital role in our fight against the deadly coronavirus. It’s the moral duty of every citizen to practice social distancing whenever they are outside. Our government, various institutions and media is also playing their part in spreading awareness about the pandemic. Kanyaboyina Sudhakar, a Hyderabad man has also found a unique way to spread public awareness about the Novel Covid-19. Using his innovative mind, he has created a coronavirus themed car.

Kanyaboyina Sudhakar commonly known as K. Sudhakar runs an automobile museum called the Sudha Cars Museum. Located in Hyderabad, the museum displays bizarre cars resembling everyday objects. All these cars are handmade by K. Sudhakar. Now, he has come up with the coronavirus shaped car to create awareness about the lethal virus among the people of Hyderabad. Shaped like the virus with spikes all over the body, the car comes in green and red color combination.

coronavirus-themed car by K. Sudhakar

The coronavirus shaped car by K. Sudhakar is a single-seater car and is powered by a 100cc engine. It comes with a fibre body and runs on six wheels. It took Sudhakar 10 days to build this car which can go up to a maximum speed of 40 km/h. He has built the car to bring awareness about coronavirus and to encourage people to stay home. He is looking forward to donate the coronavirus-themed car to Hyderabad police.

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Using his talent for educating and encouraging our society is nothing new for K. Sudhakar. In the past, he has created the wacky condom bike to spread awareness on AIDS. Besides that, he has also built cigarette bike motivating people to quit smoking and helmet car for head safety. Sudhakar also holds Guinness World Record for designing the world’s largest tricycle.

Sudha Cars Museum

Made using recycled automobile parts, his peculiar cars cost around £1,000–£1,800. Sadly, his cars can only be seen during road shows or in the museum as they are not for sale.

Via: Livemint

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