This Steampunk-themed business card case is super cool

Steampunk-themed card holder

It was not long ago when we showcased the Steampunk-themed Mercedes-AMG G63 by Carlex Design here. Also, couple of days back we brought you the BMW R9T steampunk custom motorcycle. Well, it looks like we are in luck of finding steampunk-themed creations these days. Today we are bringing to you is surely one of the coolest steampunk creations we have ever seen. SMD Factory, a Japanese design company has come up with a peculiar steampunk-themed business card case.

However, this mechanical card holder doesn’t look like one, but instead seems to be a secret weapon James Bond might have in his pocket. The case opens by undoing a latch around the top corner and then sliding the ring at its base to one side. This unlocks the top of the holder and allows one to access the inner core chamber. The steampunk-themed card holder features a small Oscilloscope, meter and an Astrolabe as well. It comes with a lock bar mechanism that prevents accidental opening or closing in pocket.

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steampunk-themed mechanical card case from SMD Factory

Measuring 12cm in height, 8.3 cm in width, 2.5 cm in thickness, the card holder weighs around 105g. It is crafted from Carbon fiber and duralumin aluminum-alloy. This cool gadget can hold about 35 business cards or approximately 9 credit cards. There is a hanging ring with a hook to sling it from the waist and flaunt like a boss.

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steampunk-themed mechanical card case from SMD Factory

The steampunk-themed mechanical card case from SMD Factory is one cool accessory but one has to pay big to own it. The business card holder comes with a hefty price of 46,200 yen ($430). Interested people can order online from retailer Village Vanguard. It is scheduled to be shipped from mid-April 2020.

Via: Odditycentral

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