Jäger Bath Bombs have Jägermeister’s genuine aroma

Jäger Bath Bombs

We believe there are lots of people who will be skipping bath during this period of lockdown amid coronavirus pandemic outbreak. Whether, its laziness or some other reason, there will be considerable number of people in this category. Well, Mast-Jägermeister SE wants to change that with their innovative Jäger Bath Bombs.

Jäger Bath Bomb pack

The German liquor company known widely for its flagship product Jägermeister has unveiled the limited edition Jäger Bath Bombs. Infused with scent similar to a bottle of Jägermeister, these bath bombs will surely inspire lazy lads out there to hit the bathtub. These vibrant green bath bombs will turn bathing task into a rejuvenating experience. They are instilled with Jägermeister’s unusual fragrance that includes aniseed, sweet orange and cinnamon. Well, please don’t get carried away with the flavor and try to have a sip of it.


The idea behind the Jägermeister bath bombs was of Tim Hawley, Innovation Controller at Jägermeister UK.

He stated: “I recently attended a webinar on the importance of immersing yourself in the brand. That evening as I bombed into my extra-deep custom tub, the idea came to me. It ticks all my boxes – there was a little splash when I dropped it in, a gentle waft of Jägermeister hitting my nose and a warming feeling of contentment.”

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The Jäger Bath Bombs are tested and approved by Pete, brand’s In House Test-Meister. These bath bombs come as part of a package which contains two 2cl bottles of Jägermeister, 2 bath bombs and two bandanas. The limited edition pack was launched on 1 April with a price tag of £9.99. However, interested people might be out of luck as the product is currently sold out. Also, it is unlikely that the brand will be making a second batch.

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