Triton submarines unveils 24-person tourist submersible

DeepView 24 submersible from Triton submarines

Triton submarines, Florida-based manufacturer is known worldwide for its deep-sea exploration submersibles. In 2019, Triton-built Limiting Factor submersible made a record-breaking dive to the deepest point in the Mariana Trench at 10,927m. Now, the company has come up with their latest toy designed to offer deep-sea views to the tourists. Called the Triton DeepView 24, this tourist submarine can take 24 passengers to depths of up to 100meters (328feet).

DeepView 24 submersible from Triton submarines

This cool sub comes with massive 5.5-inch thick acrylic windows that offer panoramic views of the marine life. The 15.4 meter (50.5ft) long air-conditioned interior makes sure that passengers have a comfortable experience. According to Triton, DeepView 24 is the most significant commercial tourism submersible to be brought to market in the past two decades. Also, it comes with a modular design that allows them to add sections. Thus, it can be improvised to accommodate 12 to 66 passengers depending on the requirement.

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DeepView 24 submersible

Weighing over 121,000 lbs, the DeepView 24 submersible from Triton submarines comes with an electric steering and propulsion. It comes with two main 20-kW thrusters and four secondary 12.6-kW Vertran thrusters. For the power requirements, there is a 240 kWh lead-acid battery on board. This battery is good enough to provide 14 hours of underwater adventure. The luxury submersible can touch a maximum speed of 3 knots. It also boasts ten 20,000-lumen LEDs for proper visibility in the dark.

DeepView 24 submersible

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According to its makers, the DeepView 24 submersible is very silent and completely non-polluting. Its user-friendly access hatch makes boarding and getting off easy even for passengers with reduced mobility. One of the most advanced tourist subs, this underwater craft represents a quantum leap forward in submarine technology. It is designed to take underwater tourism to new heights and provide fully-immersive experience to the guests.

This particular DeepView 24 submersible is built for Vinpearl Resort in Vietnam. It was assembled in Barcelona at Triton’s manufacturing facility. This submersible will start making ticketed dives at Hon Tre Island in Nha Trang by the end of 2020.

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